What Are The Best Exercises for Pitchers to Increase Velocity?

We recently received a question from one of our readers:

“What are the best exercises for pitchers to increase velocity?”

We found that this is a common question that most young pitchers ask. If you are a young pitcher that has been asking this question, well you’re in luck because we are going to give you the best pitching exercises to increase your fastball velocity.

Let’s jump into it:

1.)    Long Toss

Long toss is very important, because this is the first step for you to increasing your velocity as well as help reduce arm injuries.

According to Steven Ellis, pitchers should “Begin with a warm-up starting from about 45 feet. Pitchers make 10-15 throws from this distance and then move back two or three steps with each throw. Once you get to 60 feet, begin to crow hop on every throw. Continue until reaching your personal max long toss distance. Throws should be on a line with one bounce to a partner with not much arc.”

Check out this video to see how MLB Infielder Ryan Roberts long toss

2.)     Lower Body Circuit Workout

In order for you to increase your fastball velocity, you have to increase your lower body strength.

Just to give you a snippet of a lower body workout routine that we think will help you increase your lower body strength is:

  • Stand-Up Calf Raises – 3 Sets – 6-12 Reps or 15+ Reps
    • If you do lower reps it will help you build size and strength.
    • Higher reps of standing calf raises will help you build endurance.
  • Weighted Box Jumps – 3 Sets – No More than 6 Reps per Set
  • Slideboard – 3 Sets – 12 Reps on the 1st Set then 10 Reps on 2nd and 3rd Set
  • Heavy Leg Press – 3 Sets – 12 Reps on the 1st Set then 10 Reps on 2nd and 3rd Set
  • Walking Lung – 3 Sets – 2 Minutes per Set

Check out this video to see MLB Infielder Ryan Roberts Lower Body Circuit Routine which incudes the Slideboard, Heavy Leg Press, and Walking Lung Exercises


If you would like for us to help create an workout plan for you, just leave us a comment and we promise to contact you.

Feature Image Credit: Tim Casey